14 de março de 2009

Snatam Kaur - Celebrate Peace

Snatam Kaur's heart-opening CD is a musical celebration of the spirit of peace featuring 3 beautiful new songs as well as transcendent mantras and musical invocations of peace from her previous albums. This CD is part of the Celebrate Peace program, which spreads a hopeful message and cultivates the practice of peace. We believe in the power of peace and we witness peace everyday, all around us. Peace begins with a choice, develops through practice, and spreads by example. We present Celebrate Peace to spread a hopeful message and to cultivate the practice of peace in daily life, through a national series of workshops and other educational programs, musical celebrations, and internet-based community. By celebrating peace, we acknowledge that it exists, call attention to it, unite around it, and inspire others to embrace it.

(Thanks to Simone)

3 de março de 2009

Prem Joshua & Band - In Concert (2008)

On this album Prem Joshua & Band present the highlights of their 2007 concert tour.
These live recordings feature seven new versions of Prem Joshua "classics" and two brand-new tracks. With originality, virtuosity and confidence the quartet creates a musical masala of indian classical, jazz, funk and chill-out..., a music so masterfully yet playfully blended that it has found a place in the hearts of listeners in the East, the West and beyond.

1 Namaskar 6:37
2 Jhule Lal 9:42
3 Seven Bubbles in the Bottle 5:51
4 The Subject Tonight is Love 9:14
5 Cosmo-Bali-Tan 7:29
6 Mata Bharat 8:18
7 Sky kisses Earth 8:29
8 Trust 6:12
9 Funky Guru 8:13
Total Time 70:05 min.


19 de dezembro de 2008

Krishna Das - Heart Full Of Soul (2008)

Originally Released: September 2008

Night after night, in ashrams and temples, cavernous cathedrals and modest community theaters around the world, Krishna Das sits down behind his harmonium, flanked by his band of supporting musicians, greets the crowd that has gathered to sing, closes his eyes, and begins. And with his opening Om, everyone in the room sets off together on a priceless evening’s journey along the path of devotion.

Heart Full of Soul is a double-CD recording of just such an evening and just such a journey. It is rich with the burnished treasure of the Divine Name, passed back and forth, back and forth between KD and the audience, as they travel together the varied terrain of the heart: from the funky rhythms of “Radhe Radhe Shyam” through the intense longing of “All One (Hare Krishna)” and the balm of “Jaya Bhagavan,” and ending with KD’s joyous version of the gospel classic, “Jesus on the Main Line.”

This is not a single night’s performance caught in amber, but a gift that’s fresh with each listening, drawing us in to join in with Krishna Das in the compelling practice of namakirtan over and over, again and again, whoever and wherever we happen to be.


  1. Hanuman Prayer

  2. Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram

  3. Om Namoh Bhagavate Vasudevaya

  4. Govinda Hare Gopala Hare

  5. Devakinandan Gopala

  6. Radhe Radhe Shyam

  1. Goddess Prayer

  2. Jaya Jagatambe Ma Durga

  3. All One (Hare Krishna)

  4. Om Namah Shivaya

  5. Jaya Bhagavan (live)

  6. Jesus on the Main Line

Krishna Das - vocals, harmonium
Ty Burhoe - tabla
Arjun Bruggeman - drum kit, shakers
Nina Rao - finger cymbals
Mark Gorman - bass guitar
Steve Ross - acoustic guitar, harmony vocals
David Nichtern - electric guitar
Genevieve Walker - violin
Kosmic Kirtan Posse of Los Angeles and New York

Recorded live in Los Angeles December 2007

Download part 1 | part 2

Créditos para João

13 de novembro de 2008

Tim Wheater, Natalie Shaw & David Lord - Invisible Journeys

It has been said that the sacred prayer of mantra spirals through the entire universe from the heart of the one chanting, appealing for peace and divine wisdom for all. These mantras, originating from the Sanskrit and Tibetan language, are sensitively and exquisitely performed by Tim Wheater, Natalie Shaw, and David Lord. Together they embrace the primordial sound of all creation from whence everything began.

1. Gayatri Mantra
2. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo
3. Om Mani Padme Hum
4. Hail the Conquering Hero Comes
5. Om Hum So Hum
6. Om Sri Rama
7. Hare Krishna
8. Om Tara Tuttare


creditos para João

3 de novembro de 2008

Marco Schultz e Maha Satya Sangha - Simplesmente Satsang

"Espero, com toda humildade, que este CD possa trazer inspiração, nutrição e encantamento para todos vocês que compartilham aquela sede e saudade de Deus e do Amor que somos, mas ainda não realizamos. Que possamos lembrar mais, esquecer menos e aproveitar melhor a benção de viver.
Namo Namo!” Marco Schultz

1 - Gayatri mantra
2 - Kuate
3 - Hanuman
4 - Hey govinda
5 - Narayana
6 - Baladinha Sri ram
7 - Ecos do tibete
8 - Raboni
9 - Om namah om namo
10 - Live om


Para informações e dar um apoio ao trabalho - o cd é baratinho e muito bonito.
Visite: www.simplesmenteyoga.com.br

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19 de outubro de 2008

Deuter - Atmospheres (2008)

Mystical and inviting, Atmospheres gently envelopes and embraces you in a blanket of musical color. From the peaceful, guiding notes of the piano to the sonorous strings of the cello to the interwoven sounds of nature, Deuter has once again created an stirringly beautiful album that is sure to entrance and calm the soul. Stroll through the landscapes of Deuter’s musical masterpiece and find yourself in enchanted and blissful serenity. ~newearthrecords.com~

Track List
Track 1: Uno time 5:55 min.
Track 2: Deux time 6:23 min.
Track 3: Drei time 6:34 min.
Track 4: Four time 7:00 min.
Track 5: Cinque time 6:56 min.
Track 6: Sei time 4:41 min.
Track 7: Sieben time 6:00 min.
Track 8: Huit time 8:42 min.
Track 9: Nine time 6:42 min.
Track 10: Dieci time 5:45 min.


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6 de outubro de 2008

Craig Pruess & Ilyana Vilenksy - Angel of the Earth (2008)

The Healing Sounds of the Celestial Monochord

A penetrating, highly enigmatic album of the 56 string monochord, blended with solo female shamanic singing, sitar and other colours. Right out there. Timeless and 100% acoustic. Perfect for therapists, healers, channelers, and/or for yoga/meditation.

Ashana & Thomas Barquee - Jewels of Silence (2008)

Meditations On the Chakras for Voice and Crystal Singing Bowls

Divinely inspired, transcendent music for healing, meditation, and deep relaxation, "Jewels of Silence" is an incomparably beautiful recording of great depth and exquisite sensitivity. Perfect music for the journey within ... for prayer, yoga, reiki, bodywork and rest, "Jewels of Silence" features Ashana's angelic vocal improvisations, crystal bowl playing and the vocal and keyboard artistry of Thomas Barquee, accompanied by bansoori flute, esraj and santoor.


Créditos para meu amigo português, João!

28 de julho de 2008

Elfin Love Tribe (Lisa Lynne) - Fairie Tales

"This is the second album that I made with George on flutes. We wanted to make something light and fun, and we were fascinated with Elves and the folklore of magical forests. I picked out some traditional tunes, and penned some of my own along those lines. We pretended we were elves and fairies playing all kinds of instruments. We named the fictional band "Elfin Love Tribe", and we had a really good time, getting in touch with our inner elves. There are some well known melodies like Greensleeves, and Scarborough Faire, so people really like this record. I think its a good choice for holiday music too. Kids dig it big time. It's not the romantic ethereal love vibes of the other records, its spunky with some Elfin attitude. Hand percussion and jig type numbers here and there, some ballads too. If you're a fan of Tolkien, this could be the soundtrack." ~Lisa Lynne

mp3 | 320 kbps | 85 mb


20 de julho de 2008

Deuter - Spiritual Healing (2008)

A culmination of Deuter's many years of recording, this album distills the centered essence of Deuter's hallmark style anew. Tranquility is renewed and time slows as these inspired melodies transport the listener to angelic realms.

01: Along the High Ridges
02: Wind in Bamboo
03: Lavender Fields
04: Village Moon
05: Warm the New Dawn Sun
06: Dawn Mist – the Temple
07: Night Jasmine

MP3 @ 128 kbps ~ 56 mb


Buy CD: http://www.newearthrecords.com/web/pc/viewPrd.asp?idcategory=18&idproduct=1455

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25 de junho de 2008

David Arkenstone - Echoes Of Light And Shadow (2008)

1. Secret on the Moors
2. On The Winds of Innocence
3. Dark Star
4. Illuminations
5. No Rain, No Rainbows
6. Lightdance
7. Entropy
8. At First Light
9. Tears in the Rain
10. Drops of Starlight


7 de junho de 2008

Miten with Deva Premal - Soul in Wonder (2007)

Acceptance and revelation are the themes of Soul In Wonder, the eagerly awaited new album from Miten-a seasoned artist at the peak of his poetic powers.

Singing to our soul, Miten’s tales of awakening, discovery & wonder are enhanced by Deva Premal’s divine vocals & the bansuri flute of Manose, along with harmonium, kora, violin, Hammond organ, slide guitar and mandolin.

Soul In Wonder sees Miten going back to his roots, combining the rock and blues of his youth with dance rhythms, mantras and heartfelt songs of wood smoke, banyan trees and holy rivers in the moonlight - from a true soul in wonder.

1. Through the Eyes of an Angel
2. Lokah Samasta
3. Calma E Tranquilidade
4. Awakening
5. Humaniversal
6. Twameva
7. Fly High/Om Shree Rama
8. You Gotta Move
9. Inarticulate Speech of the Heart
10. Free Spirit (Ashes to Ashes)


Tom Barabas - Mosaic

Barabas creates an eclectic, high energy fusion of classical, jazz and Latin traditions featuring collaborations with several good friends on saxophone, electric guitar, and flugelhorn. Through it all, on piano and keyboards, Barabas delivers his trademark musical dance of the heart. "I have drawn on many musical traditions to create Mosaic. My personal style is grounded in the down-to-earth structures of classical music, which I believe have harmonizing effects on the human nervous system. From the integrity of this foundation, I am then free to bring in exciting rhythms - jazz, fusion, or Latin. Each of these songs has personal meaning and is, in a sense, a snapshot of my soul at the moment it was being created. The collaborative efforts of many old friends give to each song a unique mood and energy.

Tom Barabas - Classical Healing

The fourth album in the Sound Healing Series, CLASSICAL HEALING features the romanticism of classical music, interpreted by Tom Barabas. An internationally renowned artist, Barabas brings both his mastery of the piano and his skill as a composer to this elegant collection of perfectly harmonic, stress-reducing music. Drawing on the amazing power of these timeless melodies to influence emotions and brain chemistry, the release combines Barabas' piano with various other instruments. It includes nine sensitive arrangements by masters such as Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Pachelbel and Chopin, as well as a beautiful original composition by Barabas entitled "Timeless Spirit."

1. Adagio (T. Albinoni) 7:07

2. Suite Number
3 in D - Air (J.S.Bach) 4:35

3. Arioso (J.S.Bach) 5:00

4. Canon in D (J. Pachelbel) 7:35

5. Gymnopedio (E. Satie) 5:52

6. Moonlight Sonata (L.V.Beethoven) 6:20
7. Piano Concerto in C Major (W.A. Mozart) 5:21

8. Nocturne in E Flat (E. Chopin) 4:13

9. Reverie (C. Debussy) 6:31

10. Timeless Spirit (T. Barabas) 6:50


16 de maio de 2008

Bernard Xolotl - Journey to an Oracle (1977)

All music composed, performed, mixed and produced by Bernard Xolotl

1: Cometary wailing (6.47)
2: Morning Glory (4.29)
3: Gliding thru the cosmophonic Dome (16.18)
4: Venusian Aurora (5.44)
5: Drifting Tides (6.54)
6: Journey to an Oracle (18.45)


13 de maio de 2008

Udiyana Bandha

Grupo musical do Planalto Central que, na perspectiva da Nova Era, apresenta uma fusão musical de melodias harmônicas que reúne várias tendências: ragas, kalimba e mantras da Índia, ritmos brasileiros do nordeste, batidas africanas, solos de guitarra, vocais elaborados, e efeitos multipercusivos. O lirismo das letras explora a espiritualidade, a consciência ecológica, e o amor que jorra da cultura tântrica.

Música das Esferas

é um disco instrumental que foi primeiramente lançado como LP que o grupo gravou em 1992 nos estúdios da Transamérica, em São Paulo. Traz um lado meditativo com temas de sítaras e kalimbas, e uma parte celebrativa com temas inspirados em ritmos nordestinos, como o baião e o forró misturados as Ragas Indianas.


Cosmic Road

Cosmic Road foi um cd feito na estrada. Na época, o estúdio móvel do Udiyana Bandha viajou pelos lugares onde moravam os músicos Gui (no Matutú, MG) e Marcelo (Lumiar, RJ), e foi totalmente gravado em ambientes familiares, tendo participações especialíssimas do Coral do Matutú e músicos convidados. Foi finalizado no ZEN Studios em Brasília, DF. É um cd instrumental e traz temas bastante inspirados.



O India é um cd original de mantras e canções devocionais que é uma das tendências do grupo, com arranjos de cordas, sopros e percurssão indiana mesclados com sons de sítaras e vozes. Foi todo gravado e mixado nos estúdios do Udiyana Bandha em Brasília em 1996.


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7 de maio de 2008

Carioca - Beija Flor

1- Cafuné - 3'20"
2- Serenata - 3'29"
3- Castelo das Mirações - 4'00"
4- Tainã - 8'00"
5- Beija-flor - 4'06"
6- Futebol - 9'08"
7- Balançando - 4'38"
8- Pitanga - 6'18"
9- Pro Irineu "Água" - 7'05"
10- Xamã - 7'27"
11- Song To Teddy (Colibri) - 8'00"


Carioca Freitas:
- Guitar's 6 "nylon, 8", 12"strings, cavaquinho, bass acoustic guitar, northeastern sitar, voice, synthesizer, indian sanfona, bamboo flute, kalimbas, djembe, caxixi, berimbau, tamborim, vaso, indian bongos, water, birds, agogo.